Here are just some of the problems you'll find solutions to:
What to do when your child:

  1. Abuses alcohol
  2. Abuses drugs
  3. Applies guilt trips
  4. Applies insults
  5. Argues with adults
  6. Believes the rules don't apply to him/her
  7. Blames others for his/her behavior
  8. Blames others for his/her problems
  9. Calls you terrible names (e.g., "f___ing bitch")
  10. Deliberately annoys people
  11. Destroys property in the house
  12. Does not feel responsible for his/her actions
  13. Does not take “no” for an answer
  14. Engages in self-injury or cutting
  15. Feels entitled to privileges
  16. Gets caught shoplifting
  17. Gets into trouble with the law
  18. Gets suspended or expelled from school
  19. Has a learning disability (e.g., ADHD)
  20. Has an eating disorder
  21. Has been sexually abused
  22. Has frequent anger outbursts
  23. Has problems with authority figures
  24. Has problems with siblings
  25. Is a bully at school or in the neighborhood
  26. Is depressed
  27. Is failing academically
  28. Is getting into trouble on the Internet
  29. Is grieving the loss of a family member or friend
  30. Is hanging with the wrong crowd
  31. Is having unprotected sex
  32. Is manipulative and deceitful
  33. Is physically aggressive
  34. Is resentful and vindictive
  35. Is touchy and easily annoyed by others
  36. Is verbally abusive
  37. Is very disrespectful
  38. Lacks motivation
  39. Leaves the house without permission
  40. Lies
  41. Refuse to do chores
  42. Refuses to follow rules
  43. Runs away from home
  44. Skips school
  45. Smokes cigarettes
  46. Slips out at night while you are asleep
  47. Steals
  48. Suffers with ADHD
  49. Suffers with Asperger's Syndrome
  50. Suffers with Bi-Polar Disorder
  51. Suffers with Conduct Disorder
  52. Suffers with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  53. Suffers with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  54. Teases or manipulates others
  55. Threatens suicide
  56. Uses excessive profanity

...and much more!