Behavior Contracts for Aspergers Children and Teens
1. Towards Positive Behavior! This goal sheet targets
specific behavior goals each day and requires the
teacher/parent signature.

On Target! A weekly self-monitoring behavior checklist.

Smiling Faces and Not So Smiling Faces. Great for
younger Aspergers children, helps to keep them on top of
inappropriate behaviors.

Race to 20! State the goal(s) and let the student work
toward 20, bottom half is the same concept to 30.

Make it to 100. This goal sheet tracks 100 points for
meeting behavior goals or objectives. Rewards/Incentives
need to be in place when the child reaches 100.
6. Countdown to Positive Behavior. This very popular
worksheet should sit on the student's desk. It focuses on 1
behavior at a time to be modified. A great self-monitoring
tool to teach a child to raise his/her hand and not speak

Countdown. Same as above, the teacher identifies the
behavior whereas the above worksheet has the behavior

8. This
sample contract is suitable for first to eighth
grade Aspergers students and should be filled in with the
teacher present. Requires the reinforcers and
consequences to be listed.
Create Structure and Eliminate Gray Areas with Behavior Contracts
Behavior Contracts for Aspergers Children and Teens
Parent-Teen / Parent-Child Contracts: Asperger Syndrome

Every Aspergers child needs some kind of structure - especially Aspergers teens. The purpose of Behavior
Contracts is to create a structure that eliminates gray areas, create new habits, and hopefully create less conflict.

A lot of times, rules are unclear, or there can be discrepancies, such as, remembering what you told your Aspergers
child the consequence was if he did not do his chores. With our Contracts, we hope to give you an easier way to
bring up difficult subjects.

When you have written rules that have been agreed upon by both parents and Aspergers children/teens, everyone
knows the rules, and they can be followed without constant reminders (which children and teens see as nagging).
They know the rules, they know the consequences, and they make the decision on whether to follow the rules or
deal with the consequences of not following the rules.

Here are our Behavior Contracts specifically for the Aspergers child and/or teenager:
9. Monday to Friday Checklist. This particular sample
requires the teacher to sign per day or per half day each
time the Aspergers child exhibits appropriate behavior.
There should be a reinforcer or reward in place for a
specific number of teacher initials.

Functional Behavior Assessment Worksheet. This
particular worksheet is what gets things started! This
should be brought to the first meeting where a behavior
contract may be implemented.

Every Aspergers child and teenager needs some kind
of structure. The purpose of Parent-Child Behavior
Contracts is to create a structure that eliminates gray
areas, create new habits, and hopefully create less conflict.
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