Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Troubled Teen Placements
Based On The Institutions’ Outcome Measures Yielding The Lowest Recidivism Rates
Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Teen Placements
Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Teen Placements

Find a juvenile facility in any of the fifty United States.  Search for traditional co-educational or college
preparatory schools or specialty private institutions.  Learning facilities, listed by state, include ADD
boarding schools, single sex schools, religious, junior or military schools.

All the juvenile institutions listed below are geared towards good academic performance combined
with personal development to produce a well-rounded individual with the qualifications and skills
sought by universities and employers alike.
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Gilmour Academy   As a Catholic School in the Holy Cross tradition, Gilmour Academy has chosen as its mission the education of the
mind and the heart. Gilmour instills in each student a strong sense of personal self-worth through personal achievement. The world
our students will soon lead will require them to be persons of great courage and moral stamina, with an enthusiastic, lifelong desire to

Olney Friends School   Olney Friends School, a co-educational boarding school for grades 9 through 12, provides an intellectually
challenging college preparatory program in a supportive Friends community that promotes traditional Quaker values such as integrity
and simplicity, while encouraging freedom of expression, creative thinking and acceptance of individual differences.

The Andrews School  An Andrews Education is a sound and exciting educational investment. For over eighty years, our personalized
approach to women's education and our size, offerings, and facilities have combined to insure that each student at The Andrews
School receives an exceptional education. Evidence confirms that an all-girls school provides numerous advantages that help girls to
realize their potential and fulfill their aspirations.

The Grand River Academy   The Grand River Academy is a traditional nonsectarian, non-military, boarding high school whose primary
goal is to prepare boys for a successful college education. The Academy is located one hour east of Cleveland, Ohio.

Western Reserve Academy   Western Reserve Academy offers an outstanding education to talented, motivated students and has a
long tradition of placing its graduates at the most selective schools in the country. Reserve is an open and caring community that
shares a set of fundamental values: excellence, integrity, compassion.


Canyonville Christian Academy   Canyonville Christian Academy, a fully accredited boarding high school, has won national and state
academic awards and aims to to encourage all students to achieve their full potential. CCA offers a distinctly Christian education in a
standard classroom setting. The curriculum includes all state-required courses for graduation and a Bible course each term. In
addition, for the college-bound student and those with special interests, CCA offers math through calculus, science through physics,
foreign language, computer education, music and other electives.

Milo Adventist Academy   Milo Adventist Academy is a school family committed to creating opportunities for developing a Christlike
character, pursuing educational excellence, and discovering the joy of service in a safe, nurturing, and friendly environment.

Mount Bachelor Academy  Located outside of Bend, Oregon, just east of the majestic Cascade Mountains, Mount Bachelor Academy
offers a 14-16 month therapeutic boarding school program. The curriculum is designed for adolescents 13-18 who may have
behavioral, emotional, motivational problems or learning disabilities. MBA has been providing a well-rounded curriculum integrating
therapeutic counseling with intellectual, social and physical growth in a boarding school environment since 1988.

New Leaf Academy  New Leaf is a therapeutic boarding school that offers a safe, nurturing environment for struggling middle school
age girls. At the time of admission, our students are over 10 and under 14 years of age. Our 18-21 month program teaches positive
self-expression, responsibility and helps troubled young girls and their families transition to a better place.

NorthStar Center  North Star Center is a young-adult transitional-living program specializing in assisting struggling students with high
school completion, college-prep and college-level courses. Located in the small college and resort community of Bend, Oregon, all
students receive personal academic assistance, individual and group counseling, character building wilderness experience and
ongoing support in becoming a responsible young adult. Achieving progressive independence to self-reliance is a major focus for all
students. The program length is one year.

Oregon Episcopal School   The purpose of Oregon Episcopal School is to prepare students with promise for higher education and
lifelong learning and to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and artistic growth so that they may realize their
power for good as citizens of local and world communities.

The Delphian School   The Delphian School's mission is "To give young people a rich academic background, a strong sense of ethics
and a broad range of abilities to successfully launch them into higher education, a career and life itself. More broadly, help build a
better world through effective education."

The Ranch House  The Ranch House is designed to assist 14-17 year old boys with mild to moderate emotional and behavioral
issues, average to above average cognitive abilities in need of preventative measures for the potentiation of at risk behavior. These
boys may have a range in diagnoses such as mild to moderate depression, distractibility, learning disabilities, school failure,
relational problems and low self-esteem, mild to moderate drug use/experimentation, difficulties in anger management, unresolved
issues around divorce, adoption.

Western Mennonite School   Western Mennonite School is dedicated to quality education and the spiritual nurture of our students.
Excellent teachers and staff give of themselves to help students realize their potential...spiritually, academically and socially.


Carson Long Military Institute   Carson Long Military Institute in New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania, offers a way of life that challenges 6th
through 12th grade boys to be their best, emphasizing our conviction that individuals with trained minds and sound bodies are the
most likely to succeed in life.

George School   The George School community, committed to Quaker ideals, cultivates respect for differences by affirming the Light of
God in everyone. We teach our students to aspire to excellence as we prepare them for further education and a lifetime of learning as
members of the global community. George School is a Friends (Quaker) college preparatory boarding and day school for boys and
girls in grades 9 through 12.

Linden Hall   Linden Hall is an independent, college preparatory, boarding and day school for girls in grades 6-12. The school has
been continuously educating young girls for over 258 years. Their motto clearly states: We are learning not only for school but for life.
The school compliments its strong academic curriculum with an array of performing and fine arts classes and fitness for life
programs, plus a competitive equestrian program.

Perkiomen School   Perkiomen School has a philosophy focused on creating an effective environment for individual growth and for the
development of personal ethics. Perkiomen strives to embrace diversity and help students focus on ideals which are purposeful,
reasonable, consistent with traditional values, and spiritually balanced.

Perkiomen Valley Academy   Perkiomen Valley Academy recognizes that one of the most important things that we can teach our youth
is to value their education. PVA combines individualized education with a thoughtfully planned, community-based day treatment
program. As in any school, PVA helps students master structured courses they need to live successfully: science, math, English,
social studies and computer literacy, to name a few.  But PVA also helps them to learn about life: to recognize the need for personal
change and growth, to act responsibly and to assume responsibility for their own actions.

Pine Forge Academy   Pine Forge Academy, a co-educational Seventh-day Adventist school, serves grades 9 - 12. It is committed to
provide a Christ centered curriculum in a safe, caring environment, to prepare students spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially
for service to God and man.

The Grier School   Founded in 1853, The Grier School has continuously operated with the mission of helping young women develop
their intellectual, athletic and artistic talents. The school motto, "Sana Mens In Corpore Sano," (Sound Mind in a Sound Body) captures
the spirit of the school. A sesquicentennial celebration in June of 2003 celebrated the school's 150 years of history.

The Kiski School   Located on an expansive, yet intimate campus in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, The Kiski School stands as a unique
institution – a residential college preparatory school that excels in educating boys. Kiski accomplishes this in a number of ways: they
challenge boys, but also offer them support; they respect tradition while embracing technology; they foster community and encourage

The Phelps School   The Phelps School provides a challenging yet supportive day and boarding program for boys. The structured,
disciplined environment offers small classes and individualized attention designed to generate academic success and improve self-

The School at Church Farm   The mission of The School at Church Farm is to provide a rigorous, well-rounded, college-preparatory
education in a caring, Christian environment to help prepare our students for productive and fulfilling lives. We seek young men of
ability and promise for whom the CFS educational experience presents an extraordinary opportunity.

Valley Forge Military Academy & College   A Valley Forge education is rooted in quality academic programs and supported by
leadership responsibilities, character development, personal motivation, and strong athletic and extracurricular opportunities. Valley
Forge provides cadets with a complete education that prepares every part of them for success.

Westtown School   Westtown School is a Quaker, co-educational, day and boarding school founded in 1799. Guided by the Quaker
belief that there is that of God in all persons, Westtown School is a community of learners who value—and are themselves
strengthened by—the rich diversity of its members.

Wyoming Seminary   With its distinguished brick and ivy-covered buildings, extensive academic offerings, dedicated faculty, 8:1
student/teacher ratio, invigorating athletic, fine arts and performing arts programs, up-to-date technology, and consistently high
placement rate in the nation's top colleges and universities, Wyoming Seminary is known as a challenging, engaging school.


Portsmouth Abbey   The Portsmouth Abbey education is grounded in the Western intellectual tradition, from ancient Greece and
Rome and continuing into this century. This classical curriculum is balanced by a focus on spirituality, athletics, the arts and fun. The
school's mission encompasses the importance of reverence for God and the human person, respect for learning and order, and
responsibility for the shared experience of community life.

St. Andrew's School  St. Andrew's is a coeducational day and boarding school of 200 students in grades 6 through 12. Their beautiful
85-acre campus is located in Barrington, RI, a suburban community within minutes of Providence and easy driving distance to
Newport, Boston, and New York. At St. Andrew's, students and families feel a sense of community and each student's learning
strengths are valued and nurtured.

St. George's School   St. George's School is a selective and rigorous co-educational boarding school for students in grades 9-12.
Students challenge themselves through a program that combines demanding academics with a rich array of athletic and
extracurricular opportunities.


Ben Lippen School   The purpose of Ben Lippen School is to glorify God by assisting the family and church in equipping students
spiritually, academically and socially under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Ben Lippen School has three primary objectives: 1)To call
students to Christian discipleship; 2)To provide an excellent academic education; 3)To be an extension of the Christian home.

Camden Military Academy   The core of the Camden experience is the Academy's academic program. Camden enrolls young men in
grades 7 through 12 as well as for a post graduate year. The academic program on the high school level is strictly college preparatory.


Sunshine Bible Academy   Sunshine Bible Academy is a non-denominational Christian school located in the heart of South Dakota
that exists to assist parents with their responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


Baylor School   Baylor School, founded in 1893, is a coeducational day and boarding college preparatory school enrolling students in
grades 6-12. Our students come from around the country and world drawn by a strong academic program, diverse extracurricular
activities, and a nurturing residential atmosphere.

McCallie School   The McCallie School is a college preparatory school for boys that accepts young men with above average to
exceptional academic abilities and those students matriculate at some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. The school
has been recognized for its innovative educational programs and its overall standards of excellence.

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee   St. Andrew’s-Sewanee, one of the oldest Episcopal boarding schools in the country, has a rich 130-year
history of college-prep education atop the Cumberland Plateau, about 100 miles from Nashville.

The King's Academy   The King's Academy is dedicated to preparing students for a life of maximum contribution to the cause of Christ.
This preparation focuses on the mental, physical, spiritual, and social development of each student. The academy provides an
educational atmosphere in which Christian beliefs and values are freely examined and expressed.

Webb School   Webb has produced 10 Rhodes Scholars and its graduates have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and
universities across the nation and to lead important, successful and fulfilling lives in business, education, and the arts.


Brook Hill School   The Brook Hill School is a coeducational private school teaching in the classic tradition from a Christian world view.
The Brook Hill School provides excellence in college preparatory education, affirms the gifts and challenges the potential of each
student, and encourages students to honor God through Christ-like character.

Excel Academy   Excel Academy combines academic intensity with a strong culture of personal responsibility to serve emotionally or
behaviorally challenged teenagers. Located in a 25-acre rural setting one hour north of Houston, Excel accepts both boys and girls
between the ages of 13 and 18. The majority of the academy's graduating seniors have produced first rate SAT scores and English
percentiles in the 90's. Excel's academic curriculum offers a wide selection of classes that include honors and college preparatory
courses. Excel Academy has a compelling history of success with students who have had previous treatment failures.

Fulshear Ranch   At Fulshear Ranch, young women (age 18 and over) are invited on a journey of self discovery and education. Using a
holistic model, participants experience both field-based experiential education and classroom academics, therapeutic groups and
activities, life skills and career training, all in an environment which promotes overall health and wellness.

Incarnate Word High School   Incarnate Word High School promotes a profound respect for persons of all creeds, cultures, and races.
A young woman leaves Incarnate Word High School with an inquiring mind, a confident assessment of her own self-worth, and with
the empowerment to make a difference in the Church and in her community.

Marine Military Academy   The Marine Military Academy is unique among all military secondary institutions. In a world where many
prefer to take shortcuts and offer less than their personal best effort, the Marine Military Academy challenges each Cadet to strive for
excellence and his highest potential.

San Antonio Academy of Texas   San Antonio Academy of Texas offers prekindergarten through eighth grade boys an exceptional
academic program that features small classes, a family-like atmosphere, the development of a positive self-image and a foundation
for life based upon the love of God and country, integrity and respect for each other.

San Marcos Baptist Academy   The mission of San Marcos Baptist Academy is to educate young men and women within a nurturing
community based upon Christian values.

St. Anthony Catholic High School   St. Anthony Catholic High School offers a wide variety of academic, athletic, and and other life
experiences, guiding students to critically assess their own values and those of society. The school challenges the students to
participate in a total program integrating academics, athletics, Christian service, community activities, and spirituality.

St. Stephen's Episcopal School   St. Stephen's Episcopal School, a coeducational boarding-and-day school of the Diocese of Texas,
is a caring, diverse, Christian community that nurtures moral growth and values the potential and dignity of every human being. We
challenge motivated students to live intelligently, creatively, and humanely as contributing members of society.

Texas Military Institute   Texas Military Institute’s vision is unique, bold, and timely. The mission of TMI is to provide an excellent
educational community, with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, challenging motivated students to develop their full
potential in service and leadership.

The Hockaday School   Within the context of an outstanding academic environment, The Hockaday School's goals are to foster a
community of concern and friendship, to instill in every girl a love of learning and an understanding of herself and the ethical principles
which guide her life, and to develop an appreciation of excellence in all its forms with a commitment to what is right and good.

Valley Grande Academy   Valley Grande Academy is a coeducational boarding high school owned and operated by the Texas
Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Valley Grande Academy seeks to provide a high quality college preparatory Christian education
for grades 9-12. Most of all the school seeks to help students experience Jesus Christ as a personal friend as they become part of a
caring school family.


Aspen Ranch   A licensed residential treatment center located in Loa, Utah the Aspen Ranch utilizes its nationally renown equine
therapy program as one of its tools to help young people. The Ranch combines an academic structure with intensive therapeutic
milieu to create positive change emotionally, as well as academically. The strong work ethic inherent on the Ranch is fundamental to
adolescents 13-17 cultivating the characteristics of responsibility, discipline, respect and teamwork. Length of stay ranges from six to
twelve months. NPS-certified in the state of California.

Island View School  Island View operates its own on-campus private school, since resident's education and pursuit of a high school
diploma are an important part of the interdisciplinary treatment. The school is fully accredited and certified teachers show the ability to
"re-ignite" residents to the experience of learning. A small class ratio of one teacher to sixteen students per classroom enhances the
learning atmosphere. Operating on a year-round basis, Island View provides a full six-period school day, five days per week. Students
are required to complete daily homework assignments and benefit from individualized attention when required.

Lotts' Legacy Boarding School  Lott's Legacy cares deeply about your teen's future and especially about their "today's"! They know
they can be happy; that they can succeed; that they can set and reach goals; that they can become more understanding, accepting
young adults and return to their families with a new, positive outlook on life. Make a positive choice for your struggling teens future

Oakley School  The Oakley School was founded in response to the distinct need to create a boarding school that provides a whole
education - one that challenges the student's mind, spirit and body. Here students learn to combine reason with emotion and freedom
with responsibility. Oakley students have the opportunity to delve into a variety of learning experiences that help them to discover who
they are, what they stand for and who they could be. The school maintains high academic standards in a context that nurtures
thoughtfulness, emotional vitality, social responsibility, and physical health.

Silverado Boys Ranch   Typical boarding schools for troubled youth offer programs in urban settings, while Silverado Boys Ranch
provides a challenging and rigorous academic rural setting on 200 acres.

SunHawk Academy  SunHawk Academy's long-term residential program combines an intense clinical intervention with an accredited
academic program. SunHawk treats struggling teens 13-17 with behavioral and substance abuse problems. During our program,
students progress through levels as they achieve specific academic and behavioral goals. Personal growth of students is encouraged
through extensive therapeutic activities, which are under the direction of qualified clinical staff. The "Life Skills Training" component of
the program gives each child extensive exposure to real life experiences that are necessary to succeed in today's society.

Turn-About Ranch  Turn-About Ranch is a short-term, high-impact therapy program that emphasizes family values and relationships.
This co-ed program is located on a cattle ranch in Escalante, Utah and accepts students between the ages of 12 to 18. Licensed as a
residential treatment center, Turn-About Ranch has 30 students on campus and offers education and treatment with a Christian-
based philosophy.

Wasatch Academy   The Wasatch Academy mission statement is to provide a nurturing community that empowers young men and
young women to develop academically, socially and morally, preparing them for college and for the challenges of living in the 21st

Youth Care Inc.   A residential treatment center located in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, Youth Care Inc. is a companion program to
Pine Ridge Academy. Youth Care Inc provides individualized care in a family oriented environment. Enrollment is limited to 14 students
between the ages of 11-18. Youth Care Inc. provides a therapeutic environment for both mental health and chemical dependency
diagnosis. Accreditation is by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations making Youth Care Inc. a preferred
provider for many insurance companies.


Bromley Brook   Bromley Brook boarding school for girls educates young women to be tomorrow's leaders. Our mission is to teach
each girl to recognize her own individual needs and to use her self-awareness to achieve more than she thought possible. At Bromley
Brook, our faculty is hand-selected for their professional expertise and their boundless enthusiasm for working with girls. Beginning
with the admissions process, this faculty collaborates with the student, her family, and referring professionals to create an
Assessment-Based Individualized Learning Plan. What makes Bromley Brook School different from other girls' boarding schools? Our
emphasis on assessment. Our comprehensive, research-based assessment allows us to create a truly individualized approach to
your daughter's education and personal growth.

St. Johnsbury Academy   The mission of St. Johnsbury Academy, is to provide a diverse, comprehensive, and independent
educational community grounded by our traditions, our deep optimism regarding young people, and our commitment to academic

Stratton Mountain School   Stratton Mountain School, the first ski academy accredited by the New England Association of Schools and
Colleges, has a strong tradition of solid college preparatory academics combined with the most comprehensive and innovative
training programs available to young alpine and nordic ski racers and snowboarders.

The Greenwood School   The Greenwood School, founded in 1978, is a pre-preparatory boarding school for boys ages nine to fifteen
have been diagnosed with: dyslexia; specific language-based learning disabilities / learning differences (LD); receptive language
and/or expressive language deficits; executive functioning deficits; attentional difficulties (ADD or ADHD); disorders of written
expression; dysgraphia; or speech and language needs. In fact, a combination of these learning disabilities / learning differences (LD)
are often clustered together in most Greenwood students’ learning profiles. Despite their learning challenges, their students are highly
intelligent and have significant talents in the arts, in woodworking, or in athletics.


Chatham Hall   An all girls boarding school, Chatham Hall offers students a strong, college-preparatory academic program, rich
extracurricular opportunities, and a beautiful 362-acre campus. In small classes, teachers challenge students to excel academically.

Christchurch School   Christchurch began and continues as one of the Episcopal Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia. They
welcome students of all faiths to this community, founded on traditional ideas of education as a lifelong pursuit, service to others, truth,
self-discipline, and honor.

Episcopal High School   Episcopal High School is dedicated to the student's pursuit of excellence and to the joy of learning and self-
discovery in a caring and supportive community. Enriched by the educational and cultural resources of the nation's capital, Episcopal's
dynamic academic program encourages students to develop individual talents and prepares them to attend selective colleges and

Fishburne Military School   Fishburne Military School is a private all boys boarding school for grades 8 through 12. Small class sizes
and a structured learning environment have proven successful in preparing students for the adult world.

Fork Union Military Academy   The mission of Fork Union Military Academy is to provide young men a college preparatory education in
a residential, Christian environment. Using the best aspects of the military system, the Academy teaches its cadets responsibility,
leadership, discipline, and pride by providing an atmosphere in which spiritual, mental, and physical growth can flourish.

Foxcroft School   Foxcroft School, founded in 1914, is an independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 9-12 located in
Middleburg, Virginia. Foxcroft has become a national model for the education of young women because we have created a learning
and living environment that addresses in a comprehensive way the specific strengths and needs of girls. Foxcroft provides a
residential learning experience for girls in which academic excellence, leadership, responsibility, and integrity are our highest values.

Hargrave Military Academy   Located in Southwest Virginia, Hargrave Military Academy is a private boarding school with Christian
values serving boys from grades seven to one postgraduate year. Development of personal responsibility, fitness, academic grades
and moral character are important goals for each Cadet. Opportunities for personal achievement lead each Cadet to a more
successful, rewarding life.

Massanutten Military Academy   Massanutten Military Academy's mission is to provide every cadet with an academic, character,
leadership and physical education of excellence, which ensures their development and readiness for college, leadership, and
citizenship. MMA's mission is established on the founding motto of the Academy, "Non Nobis Solum" ("Not for ourselves alone"), and
based on the principles of Courage, Purity, and Industry.

Oak Hill Academy   Oak Hill Academy is a coeducational, Baptist affiliated, boarding/day high school committed to excellence in
education and adolescent development in a non-military setting. The mission of Oak Hill Academy is to provide a safe, secure,
nurturing environment for girls and boys needing a change in school, peer, community or family relationships.

Randolph Macon Academy   The mission of Randolph-Macon Academy is to attract young people of high moral character and
intelligence with the capacity and desire to attend a school of higher learning;  provide a dedicated and highly qualified faculty and staff
and a positive, disciplined and religious environment;  and educate and produce outstanding leaders of strong character and solid
knowledge, prepared for life-long learning and effective citizenship.

St. Catherine’s School   From the youngest junior kindergartner to the most mature senior, St. Catherine’s gives each girl the
individual attention she needs to discover and develop her strengths and reach her goals.

St. Margaret's School   Educating young women for life is a mission we take seriously at St. Margaret's School. We not only help
students develop academic skills; we also teach them how to be ethical, responsible adults who contribute to their communities.

Stuart Hall   Stuart Hall seeks to educate the whole child - mind, body, heart, and spirit - in a special context: a supportive, family-like,
Christian environment that nurtures self-esteem and honor, leadership and industry, compassion and commitment to service, and the
recognition and acceptance of individual differences.

The Madeira School   As an all-girls college preparatory boarding and day school, The Madeira School is dedicated to providing girls
with a top-notch education and the skills to lead lives of their own making. At Madeira, you will find an extraordinary faculty that will
engage and challenge your mind and care about your personal growth. Their unique Co-Curriculum program will allow you to gain real-
life work experience and contribute to the community around you. The diversity of their student body will allow you to explore the
cultures of the world and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Virginia Episcopal School   Virginia Episcopal School is committed to rigorous academic training and vigorous individual attention in a
spiritual and ethical environment. Their campus includes three gymnasiums, classroom buildings, residence halls, an art center, and
some of the nation's finest equestrian facilities.

Woodberry Forest School   As an academic institution, Woodberry ranks among the top independent schools in the country. What
sets Woodberry apart is its residential community, a campus intentionally focused on supporting young men in the development of
character as well as intellect.


Annie Wright School   Annie Wright enjoys a rich tradition, the loyalty of many alumni/ae and parent families, and a reputation for a
challenging academic program that develops leadership, character and a sense of belonging.

Auburn Adventist Academy   Established in 1919, Auburn Adventist Academy is a private coeducational Christian boarding and day
high school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Auburn, Washington. With a vibrant spiritual atmosphere,
superior academics, and a friendly and accepting student body, Auburn is the perfect place to pursue educational excellence.

Upper Columbia Academy   By the grace of God, Upper Columbia Academy educates students to develop harmoniously the physical,
mental and spiritual powers, inspiring a life-changing relationship with God and the highest service for others.


Linsly School   Founded in 1814, the Linsly School is a day and boarding school for students in grades 5 through 12. We offer a
college preparatory curriculum that combines the traditional values of hard work, respect, honor, honesty, and self-discipline within a
challenging academic program designed to unlock the potential of each student.

Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy   The educational philosophy of the Mount is rooted in the spirit of the Visitation Order and the
teachings of its founders, St. Francis de Sales and Sister Jane de Chantal. Essential to this heritage is a sensitive and supportive
concern for each student. The spirituality of St. Francis de Sales calls us, as educators, to respect our students and to recognize and
value their uniqueness.


Conserve School   At Conserve School we believe that our future is intimately related to the future of the natural world. Fundamental to
our quest are the natural resources that sustain our lives and the qualities of character that sustain our minds and spirits. We call
these qualities our values, and we identify them as follows: compassion, honesty, justice, respect, and responsibility.

Saint Lawrence Seminary   Saint Lawrence Seminary is a Catholic college preparatory boarding high school, owned and operated by
the Capuchin-Franciscan friars. St. Lawrence is a place in which students live, learn, work, and pray together.

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy   St. John's Northwestern Military Academy believes in the development of the mind, body,
and spirit of each individual. The Academy is founded on time-honored values and traditions such as honesty, integrity, duty, honor,
and country. Our mission is to build character and scholarship by stressing the four cornerstones of the cadet lifestyle: Academics,
Athletics, Leadership, and Values.

Wayland Academy   Wayland Academy, established in the heartland of Wisconsin in 1855, is an independent, coeducational, college
preparatory, boarding and day school. Wayland's mission:  To prepare young people for a successful college experience and a rapidly
changing world by opening their minds to the pursuit of knowledge and their hearts to the development of strong character.


Mount Carmel Youth Ranch   Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, founded in 1992 and located on a 40,000 acre working cattle ranch in
northwest Wyoming, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk young men.