Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Troubled Teen Placements
Based On The Institutions’ Outcome Measures Yielding The Lowest Recidivism Rates
Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Teen Placements
Online Parent Support: Top Picks For Teen Placements

Find a juvenile facility in any of the fifty United States.  Search for traditional co-educational or college
preparatory schools or specialty private institutions.  Learning facilities, listed by state, include ADD
boarding schools, single sex schools, religious, junior or military schools.

All the juvenile institutions listed below are geared towards good academic performance combined
with personal development to produce a well-rounded individual with the qualifications and skills
sought by universities and employers alike.
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Maur Hill-Mount Academy   Maur Hill-Mount Academy is a Catholic, college preparatory school educating young men and women in
the Benedictine tradition of prayer, work, and love of learning. Through emphasis on loyalty, obedience, honesty, humility, and good
works, we help local, national, and international youths mature as individuals who respect and care for others and understand their

St. John's Military School   St. John's continues to train young men to harbor the cherished qualities of honesty, loyalty and duty. Their
vision for the future is to follow in the footsteps of the founders of the school by providing a unique place for young men to learn and
incorporate self-discipline and respect, while keeping our academics current and practical in an ever-changing world.

Thomas More Prep-Marian   Thomas More Prep-Marian offers an off-campus residential program for young men and women. School
officials review and evaluate each application for the residency programs. Applicants for these programs must meet a criteria.


Millersburg Military Institute   Millersburg Military Institute's program is demanding, but it has provided generations of cadets with
benefits they have carried with them throughout their lives. Cadet life is designed to instill in each cadet a lifelong concept of integrity,
devotion to duty, self-discipline and self-reliance.

Oakdale Christian Academy   A Christian boarding school, Oakdale offers students a rigorous academic environment, along with a
chance to grow spiritually, and a rich extracurricular program. In our small classes, teachers challenge and encourage students to
excel academically, and through the living and learning environment students are directed toward a Christ-centered life of service.

Oneida Baptist Institute   Oneida Baptist Institute is a Christian Boarding school for students in grades 6-12. OBI's mission is to help
students who need a new beginning in academics, relationships and life. Any student who is emotionally and physically able to live
away from home in a boarding school environment is probably appropriate for Oneida.


Academy of the Sacred Heart   Enriched by a 200-year tradition of teaching, within a national and international network of Sacred
Heart schools, the Academy of the Sacred Heart prepares students to become confident, faith-filled, and effective leaders of tomorrow.
The very intention of Sacred Heart education is to educate the "whole child."


Carrabassett Valley Academy   Carrabassett Valley Academy's unique co-curricular programming, combines individualized academic
study and athletic training for alpine skiing, freestyle and big mountain skiing, plus snowboarding. CVA has earned a reputation for
turning out winning athletes at all levels in addition to motivated scholars and community leaders. Whether your dream is one of
Olympic glory, scholastic achievement, or civic leadership, CVA will provide the environment for you to maximize your potential on and
off the slopes.

Kents Hill School   Kents Hill School is a coeducational college-preparatory school for students in grades nine through twelve and
postgraduate. Located just 15 minutes outside of Maine’s capital city of Augusta, the nearly 600-acre campus is on the summit of a
high, rolling hill that overlooks the beautiful valleys and lakes of the Belgrade region.

Maine Central Institute   Maine Central Institute pledges to provide a rigorous, comprehensive educational program to a multicultural
student body with a wide range of abilities and interests. In a safe and caring atmosphere, students will acquire knowledge, self-
esteem, social responsibility, and the critical thinking and communication skills necessary for global citizenship and lifelong learning.

The Deck House School   Overlooking the Sheepscot River in Edgecomb, Maine, The Deck House School is a small college-prep
boarding school for boys who have struggled in more traditional settings.


Garrison Forest School   An independent Day and Boarding college preparatory school for girls with a coeducational Two-year-old
through Kindergarten program, Garrison Forest School is dedicated to the intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, moral, physical, and
spiritual growth of its students. The School's primary commitment is to develop and maintain a strong academic program designed to
foster a spirit of inquiry, intellectual independence, and enthusiasm for learning.

Georgetown Preparatory School   Georgetown Preparatory School is an independent, Jesuit college-preparatory school for young
men (grades 9-12). Founded in 1789 by America's first Catholic bishop, Prep is the nation's oldest Jesuit school and the only Jesuit
boarding school. Prep's academically rigorous liberal arts curriculum is based in the educational philosophy of Jesuit founder, St.
Ignatius Loyola.

Oldfields School   Oldfields School is committed to the intellectual and moral development of young women. In a culture of kindness
and mutual respect, they encourage each student to make the most of her academic and personal potential. They seek to guide each
student to grow in character, confidence, and knowledge by encouraging her to embrace the values of personal honesty, intellectual
curiosity, and social responsibility.

Sandy Spring Friends School   Sandy Spring Friends School provides a challenging academic curriculum, enriched arts program,
inclusive athletics, and service opportunities promote intellectual excellence and strength of character. Recognizing the unique worth
of each person, the School strives to develop individual talents and foster caring and effective citizens of the world.

St. Timothy's School   St. Timothy's School motto, "To seek the truth and uphold it, to be worthy of trust, and to be kind" is the bedrock
of a St. Tim's education, where tradition and values blend with academic and residential programs. St. Tim's is a place where
excellence, intellectual curiosity, and independent thinking are celebrated.


Academy at Swift River   Located in Western Massachusetts, surrounded by the scenic Berkshire Mountains, the Academy at Swift
River specializes in working with adolescents ages 13-18 (Grades 9-12) having social, academic and familial difficulties. The
Academy at Swift River combines cognitive and emotive approaches in order to allow children time for natural growth within the
classroom, the family, the environment and themselves. The 14 month program also provides an overseas community service
experience as part of the curriculum.

Brooks School   Brooks is a college preparatory school that values academic excellence. Its educational environment is challenging
but supportive, helping students to become the best they can be.

Cushing Academy   Cushing Academy is dedicated to educating the mind and shaping the character of young men and women. They
exist for students and their personal and academic growth. In a community that is academically and culturally diverse, we challenge
each individual and support excellence in every aspect of the learning process. They offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum,
teaching skills that build and instilling values that endure.

Dana Hall School   At Dana Hall School, they are committed to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics within a
vibrant, caring community. With emphasis on integrity, leadership, diversity, and service as well as on respect for self and others, they
provide their students with a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and
citizens of the world.

Fay School   Fay School's programs rest on a well-tested and responsive structure in which challenging yet realistic expectations,
combined with the teaching of moral principles, insistence on disciplined behavior, and the cultivation of responsible work habits help
children develop the strengths and self-confidence necessary for success.

Groton School   Groton's aims include the intellectual, moral and physical development of its students in grades seven through twelve
towards preparation for both college and "the active work of life". The school's mission has never been narrowly to prepare students for
college, but rather always to provide an experience which, while academically rigorous, goes far beyond college requirements,
addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity.

Hillside School   Hillside School is an independent boarding and day school for middle school boys, grades 5 through 9. The School's
mission is to help young adolescent boys develop in their formative years. Our students develop academic and social skills while
building confidence and maturity.

Linden Hill School   Linden Hill is a junior boarding school with an academic school year program which accepts boys between 9 and
15 years old. The Linden Hill School Faculty is diligent in their efforts to present a curriculum that is effective in reaching each student,
addressing both academic and intellectual abilities. The students have unlimited potential and it is our goal to help them reach those

Miss Hall's School for Girls   Miss Hall's School mission is to provide a school committed to preparing young women for full and
satisfying lives in the modern world by incorporating experiential learning into a comprehensive, college preparatory education,
adapting students' programs to build on their strengths.

St. Mark’s School   St. Mark’s provides a challenging liberal arts curriculum that prepares students to be thoughtful, well-informed,
lifelong learners with open, independent, and inquiring minds capable of making sense of the past, the present, and the future.

The Bement School   The Bement School provides an education based on time-honored school traditions and values for children in
kindergarten through ninth grade, day and boarding. From the classrooms to the dorms, we live and learn as a family, while
encouraging responsibility for our own work and actions. Bement actively seeks an academically diverse, international, and multi-
cultural student body. Students and adults at Bement work together to create a climate of acceptance and kindness.

The Winchendon School   The Winchendon philosophy is that most young people can succeed when surrounded by an atmosphere
of caring attention to their individual needs. To that end, the school offers academic programs that are closely tailored to each
student's strengths and weaknesses in a traditional environment designed to encourage moral and spiritual growth.

Walnut Hill School   Walnut Hill School is a private, coeducational, boarding and day high school for the arts, for grades 9–12 (ages
13–18). In conjunction with intensive arts training in ballet, music, theater, visual art, and writing, Walnut Hill offers comprehensive and
rigorous academic curriculum in all college-preparatory subjects. In addition to the high school program, Walnut Hill also offers
intensive summer study and afternoon and weekend community youth arts instruction.


Cranbrook Schools   In addition to a challenging and age-appropriate curriculum for every stage of academic development, Cranbrook
offers services, programs, activities, and special events to enhance and augment each student’s educational experience. From their
proven academic approach to an outstanding athletic program students have many opportunities to seek out the finest in themselves.

Interlochen Center for the Arts   Interlochen is an educational institution for talented and motivated young people which emphasizes
excellence in artistic and academic achievement and arts presentation.

Saint Mary's Preparatory   Saint Mary's Preparatory is a four year secondary program of pre-college studies in a disciplined
environment preparing young men for future study and careers of service. The administration, teachers, and coaches work to develop
each individual's talents and abilities at his own pace and in his own way.

The Leelanau School   The Leelanau School offers a comprehensive academic, social and physical development program. Our faculty
are versatile, gifted, dedicated and have chosen to teach at Leelanau. They believe what one can accomplish is directly connected to
the surroundings.


Cotter High School   Cotter High School is a faith based Catholic community dedicated to the teaching and to the living of the values of
Christianity in order to develop the whole person. To these ends, we stress three fundamental aspects of education: spirituality,
academics, and student life.

Saint Croix Lutheran High School   Saint Croix Lutheran High School has as its mission "educating the total student, spiritually,
intellectually, and physically in a caring Christian family environment." In keeping with this goal, we strive to meet the following three
objectives: Spiritual Growth, Intellectual Growth, and Physical Growth.

Saint John's Preparatory School   Saint John's Prep School's emphasis on academic rigor and spiritual growth attracts students from
around the world as they seek the best possible preparation for college. The school shares a campus with Saint John's University
creating enhancements and added benefits for our students.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s   Shattuck-St. Mary’s School is an Episcopal, college preparatory boarding and day school enrolling students in
grades six through 12 plus a post-graduate program. The school, located in Faribault, Minnesota, 50 miles south of the twin cities of
Minneapolis and St. Paul, occupies a 250-acre campus on the bluffs of the Straight River.


All Saints' Episcopal School   All Saints' Episcopal School in historic Vicksburg, Mississippi exists to nurture the gifts that make your
child unique. Through highly individualized attention, we can help your child to succeed in the classroom like never before, which is the
surest way for your child to reach his or her potential in college and beyond.

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy   Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is committed to its mission: "Knowledge and Wisdom in Submission to
God." The staff and faculty believe that the Triune God revealed in the Bible as the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all things is the one
true God and the sole source of all truth. Consequently, true education must focus on knowing that God. True education must be an
active, ongoing part of a living faith. Therefore, Chamberlain-Hunt endeavors to provide true education to help Cadets understand God’
s world and his purpose for their lives.

Saint Stanislaus College   Through its philosophy, admissions policy, curriculum and facilities, Saint Stanislaus College strives to
create an atmosphere for holistic learning and self-growth. This atmosphere provides each student the opportunity to realize his
potential and to develop the healthy attitudes and responsible behavior that will permit him to pursue continued studies and to
assume his place in society as a concerned Christian gentleman, a Man of Character.


Chaminade College Preparatory School   Chaminade College Preparatory School is an independent Catholic school for young men
in grades six through twelve. The mission of Chaminade is to provide a holistic and high caliber education, grounded in faith, that
prepares its students for success in college and in life.

Missouri Military Academy   Missouri Military Academy’s motto – “Look like a Soldier, Act like a Gentleman, Study like a Scholar” -
reflects its mission to train young men to become productive citizens of the world with an ethical compass. The structured, nurturing
environment helps cadets in each school focus on improving academic performance, personal accountability and social skills that will
lead to their success in college and in life.

Principia   Principia is a school for Christian Scientists on two campuses in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Programs for infants through
seniors in high school are located in West St. Louis County. Fifty miles away on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River at Elsah,
Illinois, is Principia College.

Saint Paul Lutheran   The mission of Saint Paul Lutheran High is to provide curricular and co-curricular experiences in a Christian
environment that equip students for joyful, faithful service to Christ and His world.

St. Joseph Institute   St. Joseph Institute is an independent, private, day and residential Catholic school that serves severely and
profoundly hearing-impaired children ages birth through eighth grade without regard to race, religion or gender.

Wentworth Military Academy   Wentworth Military Academy is a college-preparatory secondary boarding school and junior college
dedicated to providing students the academic skills, intellectual habits, leadership qualities and character traits needed to excel at the
college and university level.


COLT - Christian Outdoor Leadership Training   The Christian Outdoor Leadership Training  program (C.O.L.T.) provides troubled
teens help with overcoming the conflicts they are struggling with by sharing the Christian life in an atmosphere of outdoor adventure
and a focus on Christian character development. COLT interrupts this downward spin with adventurous and challenging activities led
by our experienced, professional staff.

Hope Ranch   Hope Ranch is nestled in the heart of Northwest Montana. Hope Ranch nourishes healing, inspires hope, instills
values, and builds integrity. Their mission is to rescue girls from destructive lifestyles, heal them in a safe and caring Christian
environment, and prepare them for healthy, productive lives.

Montana Academy    Montana Academy is a therapeutic boarding school dedicated to helping teenagers in crisis and their families.
Situated on a ranch in the Lost Prairie Valley, Montana Academy is committed to quality service, education, and care.

Summit Preparatory School   Summit Preparatory School is a private, non-profit therapeutic boarding school for youth ages 14-17 with
emotional, academic and behavioral problems. The program combines a college preparatory high school curriculum with a
professional treatment program. Expert dedicated and professional staff, a high staff-to-student ratio and carefully designed facility
promote a safe, comfortable and nuturing community. Summit is the only special purpose school in the state of Montana to be
accreditated by the Office of Public Instruction. The campus's 500 wooded acres and geographic location allow easy access to a
variety of outdoor recreational activities, while remaining close to the airport and health care services. Duration of stay is 12-24 months.


Mount Michael Benedictine High School   Mount Michael Benedictine High School is a Catholic, college-preparatory residential high
school. At Mount Michael the core of the academic program enables students to become inquiring learners, appreciative of their
heritage, responsive and committed to the challenges of the future.

Nebraska Christian Schools   Nebraska Christian Schools is an inter-denominational school located on its historic campus in Central
City, Nebraska. Providing an environment for quality Christian education enables each student to grow in a meaningful relationship
with Jesus Christ and achieve healthy personal and relational development.


Cardigan Mountain School   Cardigan Mountain School seeks to enroll students of good character and academic promise who will
contribute to and benefit from the broad range of academic and extracurricular opportunities available. Cardigan Mountain School
believes that much learning goes on among peers and we strive for a student population that is diverse in geographic, economic,
social, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Holderness School   The academic program at Holderness is geared to providing a strong preparation for all colleges and
universities. Throughout the curriculum, we emphasize reading with comprehension and writing with clarity. In mathematics and the
physical sciences, as well as the social sciences and languages, we focus on clear, consistent thinking and applying the principles of

St. Paul's School   St. Paul's School is committed to educating the whole person and preparing students to make contributions to a
changing and challenging world with the philosophy that defines education as all of the structured experiences in which students
participate: course work, athletics, activities, and our life together as a fully residential school.

The Meeting School   The Meeting School (TMS) offers a strong program of academic and experiential learning. Community life is
based on traditional Quaker values of respect for the integrity of individuals, peaceful resolution of conflict, stewardship of the land, the
dignity of physical work, the importance of community process, and the persistent practice of intellectual and spiritual openness.

Tilton School   Tilton School challenges students to embrace and navigate a world marked by diversity and change. Through the
quality of human relationships, Tilton School’s faculty cultivates in its students the curiosity, the skills, the knowledge and
understanding, the character and the integrity requisite for the passionate pursuit of lifelong personal success and service.

White Mountain School   WMS provides an environment for serious academic training and personal growth within a community-based
setting in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. Students experience a total living/learning curriculum based on a three-
part ecology: ecology of the human spirit, ecology of one's community, and ecology of the physical world.


Blair Academy   Blair was established in 1848 by John I. Blair. Some of their buildings date back to the mid-1800’s, and the school
boasts traditions that have been part of their experience for over a century. Blair is and will continue to be a school of about 400 girls
and boys and 70 faculty members. Their size plays a crucial role in the spirit of our school as they blend supervision and structure with
opportunity and independence.

The American Boychoir   The mission of The American Boychoir is to sustain and move forward with a distinctively American voice the
one-thousand-year-old boychoir school tradition. The American Boychoir is committed to being the finest choir of its kind in the nation
and among the finest in the world. The American Boychoir achieves this each year by recruiting and training talented choristers from
across the country.

The Pennington School   The Pennington School faculty and administration foster the individual growth of students through excellence
in teaching and a diversity of programs that prepare students to meet the demands of college study; to live a life of integrity, intelligent
reflection, and service to others; and to be responsible citizens of the global community.


Navajo Preparatory School   The only Navajo-sanctioned, college-preparatory school for Native Americans, Navajo Preparatory School
recruits some of the best and brightest students of the Navajo Nation. Looking to the future, the school offers students a challenging,
innovative curriculum in science, math, computers, and other traditional academic subjects.

San Cristobal Ranch Academy   The San Cristobal Ranch Academy is a transitional learning center, where students participate in
classroom academics and field-based experiential education. The primary focus of these classes is to teach young men (18 and over)
important life skills to further develop their minds, bodies, and spirits.


Cascadilla School   Cascadilla School was founded in 1870 as a preparatory school for Cornell University. The philosophy of
education at Cascadilla is to provide a flexible, accelerated program within which each individual can achieve his or her goals in
preparation for a successful college career. This learning experience emphasizes the steady development of an adult viewpoint and a
mature approach to life.

Hoosac School   Hoosac School's mission remains true to its founder's philosophy: to develop the character, spirit, mind, and body of
its students, to foster independence and self discipline, and to motivate them to develop to their full potential for success in college
and for full, productive, and intelligent lives.

Houghton Academy   The mission of Houghton Academy is to teach and nurture its students so that each young person makes a
personal commitment to Christ; understands the importance of a life of service; grows toward a mature understanding of our society,
history, and natural world; develops in physical ability and strength; and exhibits appropriate social courtesies.

Keio Academy of New York   Keio Academy of New York was established in 1990 by the Keio Private School System of Japan
primarily to meet the needs of Japanese living overseas. Inheriting traditions established by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Keio's founder, Keio
Academy of New York is a unique international private academic institution.

Masters School   The mission of the Masters School is to provide the challenging academic environment that, for over a century, has
encouraged critical, creative and independent habits of thought as well as a lifelong passion for learning. The Masters School
promotes and celebrates academic achievement, artistic development, ethical awareness, technological literacy, athletic endeavor
and personal growth.

New York Military Academy   The mission of New York Military Academy is to develop all cadets in mind, body and character to
prepare them for further education and to be effective leaders and responsible citizens.

Oakwood Friends School   Oakwood Friends School, guided by Quaker principles, educates and strengthens young people for lives of
conscience, compassion and accomplishment.  Students experience a challenging curriculum within a diverse community, dedicated
to nurturing the spirit, the scholar, the artist and the athlete in each person.

Redemption Christian Academy   Redemption Christian Academy’s objective is to provide an environment conducive to learning. As
one of four remaining historically African American boarding schools, RCA has produced graduates of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Saint Thomas Choir School   Saint Thomas Choir School is a fully accredited academic institution for boys from eight to fourteen, with
a study program of English, mathematics, history, science, art, Latin, music theory, and instrumental instruction on such instruments
as piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, and trumpet.

Stony Brook School   The Stony Brook School is an independent college preparatory school (grades 7-12) that exists to challenge
young men and women to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, and to grow in knowledge and skill, in order that
they may serve the world through their character and leadership.

The Gow School   The Gow School is the world's preeminent college preparatory school for dyslexic young men. The core component
of Gow's unique program for remediating dyslexic learners is called Reconstructive Language. RL is a multi-sensory presentation of
language that is reinforced throughout the curriculum. In order to develop mature individuals who understand the importance of
citizenship, Gow's academic program extends far beyond the classroom.

Union Springs Academy   Union Springs Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian school where people work together to promote
wholeness in a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe environment. Christ's example is reflected in our commitment to academic
excellence and Christian service.


Asheville School   Every action undertaken by faculty and staff at Asheville School supports their mission: To prepare our students for
college and for life, and to provide an atmosphere in which all members of a diverse school community appreciate and strive for
excellence - an atmosphere which nurtures character and fosters the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Auldern Academy   Auldern Academy is a college-preparatory boarding school with a personal growth curriculum that offers a
traditional boarding school environment with challenging but supportive academics and a personal growth program designed to
prepare young women for college matriculation and independence.

Christ School   Christ School is a college preparatory school affiliated with the Episcopal Church. Our mission is to produce educated
men of good character, prepared for both scholastic achievement in college and productive citizenship in adult society.

New Leaf Academy    New Leaf is a therapeutic boarding school that offers a safe, nurturing environment for struggling middle school
age girls. At the time of admission, our students are over 10 and under 14 years of age. Our 18-21 month program teaches positive
self-expression, responsibility and helps troubled young girls and their families transition to a better place.

Saint Mary's School   Founded in 1842, Saint Mary's School in Raleigh, North Carolina is an independent, Episcopal, college-
preparatory, boarding and day school, dedicated to academic excellence and personal achievement for young women in grades 9-12.

Salem Academy   Salem Academy is committed to providing an atmosphere in which the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and
personal growth of each student is fostered. Ever mindful of their Christian heritage and commitment to education as an independent
school, they pledge to retain and nurture those values which promote growth and are important in society.

Stone Mountain School    Stone Mountain School, a therapeutic boarding school for boys located in the mountain setting of a 100-acre
campus in western North Carolina, serves boys ages 11 to 16 with issues such as attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities.
Stone Mountain School offers numerous outdoor activities that have both a recreation and therapeutic benefit. The beautiful yet rustic
surrounding serves as an experiential classroom where the natural and logical consequences of daily living are clear and understood.
The program offers group therapy and academics through an adventure-based experiential model. Stone Mountain School creates a
caring yet highly structured community by limiting the living and academic group size. Staff teaches and mentor basic living skills while
implementing the Level System of Personal Development that is at the core of assisting young men toward responsible, self-
managing behavior.

Talisman Summer Camps   Talisman Summer Program caters to youth, ages 9-17, with issues such as attention deficit disorder and
learning disabilities who would excel in a residential program that focuses on establishing positive routines and provides diverse daily
activities. Our activities provide a fun environment in which campers can develop self-esteem, trust in self and others, and the basics
of good decision-making. We believe that the skills learned during our programming will later transfer to home, school, and in other
social settings.

The Patterson School   The Patterson School is dedicated to providing family-oriented college-preparatory education for the
development of the whole person. A Patterson education develops skills, knowledge, experience, and attitudes required for a student
to get into the college of choice and to be successful and happy in his or her future life.


Oak Grove Lutheran School   Oak Grove Lutheran School's mission is to express God's love by nurturing young men and women for
academic achievement, lifelong Christian commitment and loving service throughout the world.