Online Parent Support: Companion Guide
Volume 1:

1.        $50 for each “A” made on report card?!
2.        15 yr old daughter holding a lot of anger with her Dad
3.        15-year-old daughter having sex with a 20-year-old man
4.        17 year old has some issues with authority
5.        18-year-old daughter is threatening to move out
6.        5 Teen Behavior Problems & Their Solutions
7.        5-Year-Old Hits Classmates
8.        Addicted to computer games
9.        Adolescent Physical abuse Towards Mothers
10.        Adult Children Living at Home
11.        Antisocial Behavior in Schools
12.        Assertive Parenting
13.        Avoiding/Dealing with Temper Tantrums
14.        Behavior Problems & Head Injury
15.        Brother Bullies Younger Sibs
16.        C. Has a Drug Problem
17.        Can children outgrow ADHD?
18.        Cell Phone Abuse
19.        Child Emancipation in Canada
20.        Children & PTSD
21.        Children & Sharing
22.        Children & Stealing
23.        Children Adjusting To Mom's New Parenting
24.        Children and Head Banging
25.        Children Who Play With Fire
26.        College Student Needs To Learn How to Budget
27.        Communicating Effectively with Teenagers
28.        Could he be bipolar?
29.        Daughter "Waging War" Against Mother's Fiancé
30.        Daughter Dating Boy with Bad Reputation
31.        Daughter Hates Father
32.        Daughter is angry at me most of the time
33.        Daughter not getting up and going to school on time
34.        Daughter Refuses To Work
35.        Daughter seems to cry all the time
36.        Daughter shoplifting, using drugs, and having sex
37.        Daughter Wants To Live With Father
38.        Daughter was Sexually Assaulted
39.        Daughter won't stop smoking pot
40.        Daughter's First Experiment with Drugs
41.        Dealing with Violent Children
42.        Disagreement about body piercing
43.        Disneyland Dad: The Fly in the Ointment
44.        Disrespect, breaking curfew, grades slipping
45.        Divorced Couple Disagrees on How to Discipline
46.        Do I - or do I not - put her on birth control?
47.        Do we increase the consequence?
48.        Do you think a camp would help?
49.        Drug-Addicted Son
50.        Eloquent Lines of Bullshit
51.        Emotional Bullying
52.        Empty Nest Syndrome
53.        Ex-husband has No Rules
54.        Explosive Kids & Low Frustration Tolerance
55.        Father-Figure & Son Conflict
56.        Following the “Fighting Fair” strategies
57.        Franco is now rebelling
58.        Game Addiction
59.        Grounded for 2 months?!
60.        Hanging with the wrong crowd
61.        Has she earned the CD or is it a bit of a free hand-out?
62.        He and his group of friends are starting to drink alcohol
63.        He can’t seem to handle anything not going his way
64.        He did not come home last night
65.        He doesn't seem interested in any type of "plan"
66.        He keeps on pushing some limits
67.        He knows exactly how to push her buttons
68.        He quit his job for some reason
69.        He says he’s not coming back home
70.        He smokes weed
71.        He wants to throw his clean clothes on the floor
72.        He’ll have to move into our garage
73.        Head Injury & Child Behavior Problems
74.        Help for Oppositional Defiant Disorder
75.        Helping Adolescents with Their Depression
76.        Helping Children with Curfew
77.        Her grades have gone from B's to F's
78.        His pediatrician refers to him as a "case study"
79.        Home Drug-Testing Your Teenager
80.        Homeschooling an ODD Teen
81.        How can I get her to get up in the mornings?
82.        How can I tell if my 16-year-old son is abusing drugs?
83.        How do I get an over-achiever to slow down?
84.        How do I handle my son's way of talking to me?
85.        How do I know if my son has an emotional disability?
86.        How do we motivate him to work?
87.        How successful is house arrest?
88.        How to Create a Home-Rules Contract
89.        How to Get Children Up For School in the Mornings
90.        How to Get Grown Children to Leave Home
91.        How to make my 13 yr old girl to sleep
92.        I am the mother of a sexually abused child
93.        Interventions for Your ADHD Teen
94.        It's OK to Spy on Your Teens!
95.        Kicking Out a Minor
96.        Kids & Cussing
97.        Kids & Poor Academic Performance
98.        Last week he was arrested for shoplifting
99.        Lying & Disrespect
100.        Manipulating Parents after Divorce
101.        Modified Grounding
102.        Mother Calls Police on Daughter
103.        My son never wants to go to get his haircut...
104.        My child has just been diagnosed with ODD
105.        My child is aggressive. How can I prevent this?
106.        My son is in juvenile detention as we speak
107.        Negative Peer Influence
108.        No Double Dipping!
109.        ODD vs. PD
110.        Oppositional Defiant Behavior & Genetics
111.        Oppositional Defiant Disorder [ODD] in Adults
112.        Oppositional Defiant Husband
113.        Our problem is that he is never home
114.        Out of Control Teen on Probation
115.        Over-Indulgence vs. Accountability
116.        Parent Abuse: Help for Parents of Violent Teens
117.        Parent Dealing With Difficult Teacher
118.        Parenting a Bipolar Teenager
119.        Parents & Power Struggles
120.        Parents & Resentment Flu
121.        Parents Disagree About How to Parent
122.        Parents' Troubleshooting Guide
123.        Pervasive developmental disorder
124.        Physically Abusive Daughter
125.        Poor self-esteem is teenage girls
126.        Tips to diffuse the hatred between father and daughter
127.        Promoting Children's Self-esteem
128.        Regaining Custody of Son
129.        Risperdol and the treatment of ODD
130.        Room-Cleaning Solution
131.        Runaway & Pregnant Daughter
132.        Runaway Daughter
133.        School Behavior Problems
134.        School Refusal vs. Truancy
135.        Scream-free Parenting
136.        She attracts the attention of men in their late teens
137.        She gets very angry when things don’t go her
138.        She has started to hit and kick us
139.        She lies, drinks, smokes, and makes me feel guilty
140.        She now wants to move out
141.        She screams that she wants to kill me...
142.        She took $40.00 instead of $20.00 out of my account
143.        She'll hit herself in the head
144.        Should I give in?
145.        Should I stick to the harsh consequence?
146.        Should I tell him that I am not his biological father?
147.        Should I tell the probation officer?
148.        Should Parents Reward Good Grades?
149.        Should Teens Be Forced To Attend Church?
150.        Should we punish my son?
151.        Sibling Rivalry
152.        Signs of a Pot Head
153.        Sleep Deprivation or Depression?
154.        Son is angry, failing in school, & refusing to go to school
155.        Son Is Verbally Abusive
156.        Son on Drugs
157.        Son Refuses To Go To School
158.        Son Skipping School
159.        Son used his step mom's credit card
160.        Son with ADHD, ODD & PDD
161.        Son Won't Come Home on Weekends
162.        Son Won't Poop In Toilet
163.        Son's Phone Messages Reveal Disturbing Behavior
164.        Speak softly, and carry a big stick...
165.        Stepdaughter Hates Stepmother
166.        Stepfather and stepson ignore each other
167.        Stepfather Fondled Stepdaughter?
168.        Stepfathers are often viewed as "second-class citizens"
169.        Teacher Picking On Student
170.        Teachers Triggering Temper Tantrums in Students
171.        Teaching Oppositional Defiant (ODD) Students
172.        Teen Abuses Cell Phone Privileges
173.        Teen Cutting & Suicidal Threats
174.        Teen Doesn't Want To Work
175.        Teen Girls and Promiscuity
176.        Teen Home Alone
177.        Teenage daughter runs away from consequences
178.        Teens & Alcohol
179.        Teens & Body Piercings
180.        Teens & Curfew Violation
181.        Teens & Cussing
182.        Teens & Dinner
183.        Teens & Drugs
184.        Teens & Facebook Problems
185.        Teens & Money Management
186.        Teens & Moving to a New Country
187.        Teens & Peer Pressure
188.        Teens & Porn
189.        Teens & Salvia: The New Drug of Choice
190.        Teens & Stealing
191.        Teens & Stealing Money
192.        Teens & Tiredness
193.        Teens and Cults
194.        Teens and Grief
195.        Teens and Prescription Pills
196.        Teens that Run Away
197.        Bad Temper, or Mental Illness?
198.        Temper Tantrums: Comprehensive Summary
199.        Texting Teens and Sleep Deprivation
200.        The Effect of Rage on Families
201.        The Insidiousness of Over-Indulgence
202.        The issue is that she gave oral sex to a boy she knows
203.        The Trials of Being a Stepmother
204.        The Worst Mistake That Parents Make
205.        Time-Outs for Kids: Ages 2-5
206.        Tips for Single Fathers
207.        To Snoop or Not To Snoop
208.        Today is the day he kicked in his bedroom door
209.        Toddler Discipline
210.        Violence on the Rise among Children
211.        We had a blow out because of a pierced lip
212.        What do I do with a 16 year old runaway?
213.        What do you do if your child is expelled?
214.        What do you think about boarding school?
215.        What to Do When Your Child Physically Attacks You
216.        When Children Misbehave While On Family Vacation
217.        When is this power struggle going to end?
218.        When it's O.K. to use the "F" word
219.        When Kids Won't Go To School
220.        When Parents Disagree On Discipline
221.        When Teens Isolate In Their Bedrooms
222.        When Teens Steal From Parents
223.        When to Ignore Child Behavior
224.        Why Children and Adolescents Steal
225.        Why do I feel so guilty?
226.        Why do some adolescents hate Math and Science?
227.        Younger Girls Dating Older Boys
Volume 2:

1.        "Professionals" are still talking about 'time-outs'
2.        “No” is beginning to mean “no”
3.        13-Year-Old Refuses To Go To Camp
4.        16-year-old Dates 19-year-old
5.        20-years-old and still living at home
6.        3 Strikes?
7.        4 year old student diagnosed with ODD
8.        A Classic Case of Over-Indulgence
9.        A Little Comedy Relief
10.        A Little Drinking, Sex, and Curfew Violation
11.        Abort or Adopt?
12.        Active vs. Passive Parenting
13.        Adolescent Sex Offenders
14.        Adopted Daughter Problems
15.        Am I better off forcing my son to go to counseling?
16.        Are we still liable for any accidents she may cause?
17.        Attachment Disorder
18.        Aussie Mum Employs Tough Love
19.        Aversion Therapy = Pullin' Weeds
20.        B__ is possessed by a demon?
21.        Become an "Online Parent Support" Affiliate
22.        Behavior Contracts
23.        Behavior Problems at School
24.        Bipolar Teen
25.        Boarding Schools
26.        Boyfriend Problem
27.        Boys Ranch?
28.        Bullying
29.        Caught Smoking
30.        Cell Phones
31.        Child abuse rises when dad is away at war
32.        Child Anger Revealed
33.        Children & Stuttering
34.        Condom Use
35.        Could the Meningitis be causing this Bipolar Disorder?
36.        Creative Wife Gets Resistant Husband "On Board"
37.        Cruel & Unusual Punishment
38.        Daughter Dates Biker
39.        Daughter Is Too Comfortable
40.        Dealing With Attention-Seeking
41.        Dealing with Picky Eaters
42.        Dealing with Run-Away Teens
43.        Depression as a Factor
44.        Depression Leads to Disrespect?
45.        Desperate mom searches for quick fix
46.        Detective Mom
47.        Discipline vs. Punishment
48.        Divorce
49.        Do I call the cops?
50.        Do kids grow out of this?
51.        Do Detention Centers help or hinder?
52.        Do we have to take him back?
53.        Do we let him go and get thrown to the wolves?
54.        Does He Need Residential Placement?
55.        Does your material work on kids who don't live with you?
56.        Don't "Half-Ass" The Program
57.        Don't Procrastinate!
58.        Dropping the "f" bomb
59.        Drug/Alcohol Abuse in Adolescents
60.        Educational Issues of Students with Bipolar Disorder
61.        Empty Nest Syndrome
62.        F*** You!
63.        Failure as a Mother
64.        Failure to Launch
65.        FDA Has Concerns about ADHD Medications
66.        Fear of Going to the Bathroom
67.        Free Parenting Publications
68.        Gang Problem Hits Home
69.        Getting her up for school and out the door
70.        Grand Daughter Problems
71.        Ground him FROM his room
72.        Guide for Teachers
73.        Hateful Daughter
74.        Having a hard time with tough love?
75.        He became involved in recreational drugs
76.        He began to kick furniture and throw sofa cushions
77.        He blows smoke in my face
78.        He calls us losers and says we suck
79.        He can sense the weakness in me
80.        He chose to steal 2 games from the local Kmart
81.        He did not get his required credits
82.        He drank hand sanitizer
83.        He fights physically with other children
84.        He has already missed 10 days of school
85.        He has received F's in most of his core subjects
86.        He has run away from home
87.        He has stolen an iPod
88.        He is a trouble maker
89.        He is not going to be able to drive
90.        He is now grossly over-weight
91.        He is on concerta, strattera, celexa, trazadone
92.        He is really good at defiance
93.        He may have a Chemical Imbalance
94.        He pee'd in the tub
95.        He puts his head down on the desk at school
96.        He refuses to eat what serve
97.        He starts pushing me around
98.        He threatening to slit my throat
99.        He throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way
100.        He waits until the last possible moment to get up
101.        He was so drunk it was hard to wake him up
102.        Heartbroken & Scared
103.        Heavy Petting
104.        HEG Biofeedback
105.        Help for Struggling Teens
106.        He's Being Bullied
107.        He's called me every colorful 'F' word name in existence
108.        He's Got 4 Parents.
109.        He's Soiling His Pants
110.        His behavior at Junior High seems to be getting worse
111.        His Probation Officer is recommending DOC
112.        Hitting, biting, and slapping
113.        Hold my 9th grade son back a year?
114.        House Rules Contract
115.        How do I get a teenage boy to study?
116.        How do I get him to talk more freely about things?
117.        How Do I Implement the 3-Day Grounding?
118.        How Do They Earn Their Way Off Discipline?
119.        How do you convince your spouse to try this program?
120.        How do you eat an elephant?
121.        How do you suggest handling an unwanted friend?
122.        How to Ground?
123.        How Working Parents Enforce Grounding
124.        Husband is not on the same page
125.        I am an over-indulgent parent
126.        I can't stand her
127.        I discovered that he had taken my debit card
128.        I Don't Want My Kid Following In My Footsteps
129.        I Hate You!!
130.        I’m not sure what to do about college
131.        I’m so sick and tired of all these fights
132.        I’m the bad guy
133.        I'd like to take the door off his room
134.        I'll Break Every Window in the House!
135.        I'll commit suicide if I don't get my way... I swear I will.
136.        I'm a disabled parent
137.        I'm Getting No Support from My Fiancé
138.        I'm so worried that she's driving off to Las Vegas
139.        Increasing back talk
140.        Insecure Attachment
141.        Intermittent Explosive Disorder
142.        Is age a factor?
143.        Is he depressed or extremely manipulative?
144.        Is he lacking some sensitivity/awareness skills?
145.        Is he really suicidal?
146.        Is he smoking pot?
147.        Is it possible for this to work with only one parent?
148.        Is it realistic to insist on appropriate attitude?
149.        Is She Bipolar?
150.        Is She ODD?
151.        Is she psychotic?
152.        Is Tourette's a Behavior Problem?
153.        Is your son a computer hacker?
154.        Keep your mouth shut & stay out of his way
155.        Kid Has Parents Arrested
156.        Lack of nutrients and minerals could be causing bipolar
157.        Learning Disabilities
158.        Let Go
159.        Let him suffer the consequences?
160.        Let's Talk About Sex
161.        Let's Trouble-Shoot
162.        Low-Frustration Tolerance
163.        M has been in the JJS (kid jail)...
164.        Machiavellian Behavior
165.        Make 'em itch!
166.        Mom Gets Punked - Again!
167.        Mom Has To Attend Counseling
168.        Mom Hits Homerun
169.        Mom is a Sadistic Bitch?
170.        Mom Is In For the Long Haul
171.        Mom is on-track
172.        Refuse To Allow Your 'Education Buttons' To Get Pushed
173.        Mom with a Grateful Attitude
174.        Monitor Your Child's Activities on the Computer
175.        Mother Receives an A+
176.        My daughter doesn't respond to consequences
177.        My daughter has been caught stealing lately
178.        My daughter is 14 and has run away from home
179.        My daughter stole my car! What to do?
180.        My husband and I are psychotic
181.        My older son has sexually assaulted my younger son
182.        My son gets straight F's across the board
183.        My son has been coming home at 3 in the morning
184.        My son has been moved to a group home
185.        My son has now decided to come back home
186.        My Son Hates Me
187.        My son is in a rage
188.        My son refuses to go to school...
189.        My Son Starts Fires
190.        My Son's Father Works Against Me
191.        Neurofeedback for ADHD
192.        No excuses – just action!
193.        Nothing works
194.        ODD Boyfriend
195.        ODD/ADHD/Anxiety
196.        ODD/Bipolar
197.        Our biggest mistake was grounding him for too long
198.        Our son is already willing to physically attack us
199.        Our son is in a long-term mental health facility
200.        Pack her suitcase for her
201.        Parents Not On the Same Page
202.        Parent's Spiritual Principles
203.        Parents' World
204.        PC Tattletale
205.        Pick Your Battles Carefully
206.        Picky Eater & Poor Organizer
207.        Poor Academic Performance Is a Different Animal
208.        Problems Waking Him Up In the Morning
209.        Prodigal Son Is Returning Home
210.        Punishment or Discipline?
211.        Puppy Love Problems
212.        Put it in the 'Deal-With-It-Later' file.
213.        RAD Child
214.        Ranting & Raving
215.        Refine - Refine - Refine
216.        Refusing To Go To School
217.        Resentment Flu
218.        Right or Privilege?
219.        Romeo & Juliet
220.        Ryan has always been different
221.        S___ urinated in the corner of the restroom
222.        School Refusal
223.        Self-Reliance is Key!
224.        She actually bit me, like a two year old
225.        She confessed that she had some pot in her room
226.        She doesn't seem too worried about her future
227.        She first had sex at 15
228.        She had a HUGE fit and trashed the whole house
229.        She had the most amazing temper tantrum
230.        She has been playing games with me
231.        She has turned up the dial on her defiance
232.        She is an only child. Does this make a difference?
233.        She is going be a teen parent?
234.        She is hanging out with a really bad crowd
235.        She is now in the custody of DHS
236.        She is smoking anywhere between 3-5 joints a day
237.        She lied to us
238.        She moved out
239.        She needs to leave and the sooner the better
240.        She punched me in my face
241.        She says I am overprotective and do not trust her
242.        She takes no responsibility of her actions
243.        She wants to be totally independent
244.        She wants to live with her 18 yr old boyfriend
245.        She was being incredibly annoying
246.        She was picked up by the police
247.        She Will Probably Make It a Disaster
248.        She won't go to school
249.        She Won't Take Her Meds
250.        She'd been telling me to shut-up
251.        She's a Kicker!
252.        She's a Pooper.
253.        She's a Shoplifter!
254.        She's Back To Her Old Ways
255.        She's got ADHD, Anxiety, and Borderline Personality
256.        She's started smoking
257.        Short-term Mild Pain vs. Long-term Major Pain
258.        Should I ground here from youth group?
259.        Should we withhold his money this weekend?
260.        Single Parent Adoption?
261.        Sleep Problems
262.        Small problems get small consequences
263.        Sometimes I think about committing suicide
264.        Son is refusing to go on vacation
265.        Son Manipulates Mother
266.        Son Refusing To Attend School
267.        Son Returns from "Juvie"
268.        Son Vandalizes Mother's Residence
269.        Special Needs Camps
270.        St. Paul's Academy
271.        Stealing all the money on the debit card
272.        Stepmom Problems
273.        Stop the Bully
274.        Stress-Relief for Stressed-Out Parents
275.        Tackle Only One Problem at a Time
276.        Take Care Of Yourself Before It's Too Late
277.        Take EVERYTHING Away?
278.        Teen Guide to Safe Blogging
279.        Teen Suicide
280.        Teens & Alcohol Drinking
281.        Teens & Drugs
282.        Teens & Tobacco
283.        Temper Tantrums (Ages 2-13): Guidelines for Parents
284.        Terminate The Relationship?
285.        The "Art of Schmoozing"
286.        The adults are back in Charge!
287.        The Dependency Cycle
288.        The Marriage Is the Foundation
289.        The Mom from Hell?
290.        The Tail Is Wagging the Dog
291.        Therapy Ain't Workin'
292.        This Mom Has a Backbone
293.        This son will just defy me as soon as Dad leaves
294.        Time for Alternative School?
295.        Too many TVs?
296.        Top Picks for Troubled Teen Placements
297.        Tough + Love
298.        Transcript from "Mothers Only" Group: Q & A
299.        Transportation Issue
300.        Troubled Teen Schools
301.        Twin Trouble
302.        Two ADHD kids
303.        Understanding Violent Behavior
304.        Undiagnosed ADHD & CD?
305.        Want Some Peace In Your House Again?
306.        We Bought Bill a Truck
307.        We caught him using drugs
308.        We found out she was drinking by reading her texts
309.        We Kicked Her Out
310.        We love him but sure don’t like him
311.        We need an exorcist!
312.        What can we do in a school setting?
313.        What can you tell me about NVLD?
314.        What do you advise when it comes to school?
315.        What happens to children with ODD when they grow up?
316.        What's Fair Game?
317.        What's the difference between ODD and ADHD?
318.        Where's Brian?
319.        Which is more difficult to treat, ODD or CD?
320.        Who’s In Charge at Your House?
321.        Whose Problem Is It?
322.        Why do teens start having sex in the first place?
323.        Why don't I just 'know' how to parent the right way?
324.        Wilderness Programs Review
325.        Will the program work for a 19-year-old?
326.        You Just Got Punked -- Again!
327.        It gets worse before it gets better
Here is a partial list of topics covered in the Companion Guide: