Dear Parents,

I know I’ve made some pretty strong claims above. And you might be thinking,
“This guy is full of it; he must think he can work miracles.” No, I’m not a miracle
But you don’t need a miracle! All you need is this simple set of
proven parenting techniques to use with your Asperger's child. I'm not offering a
complete cure for ALL behavior problems, and I'm not trying to claim that every
single thing that you'll ever need to help your child is in my eBook. But if you are
looking for
rock solid and proven solutions to a whole bunch of parenting-
associated with parenting an Asperger's child - especially intense
temper tantrums called "meltdowns"
- then I'm confident that you can benefit
from my help.

For many years now I've been running a very successful parent program, but I
wanted to take it a step further.  I wanted to reach out to parents worldwide and
help them discover that
there really is light at the end of the tunnel. That’s
when I came up with Online Parent Support (OPS).  Since its launch in 2004,
OPS has overwhelmed users and success rates have been phenomenal.

If you're one of those parents who has paid a fortune on
must-have parenting
eBooks only to find they were full of useless information you could have gotten
anywhere, then don’t make the mistake of clicking off this site before you at least
call or email me with some specific questions about
My Aspergers Child eBook.
I guarantee you won't find this information anywhere else.

You could (and may) spend the rest of the afternoon
surfing and "researching"
about Asperger's and meltdowns only to find that you've gained a wonderful
knowledge of
what the problem is without any knowledge of what to do about it.

Let’s face it: You have been force-fed garbage and misinformation that will
never put your Asperger's child back on the right track.  All you have really been
doing is building-up even more barriers and creating more stress – for you and
your family.

I'm tired of reading all the bad advice out there …I’m tired of seeing Asperger's
children's lives ruined because their emotions and behavior can’t be controlled
…and I’m tired of seeing parents chase their tails in a hopeless cycle of
frustration and stress.

I’m giving you the chance to break the cycle of drama and chaos -- to bring
harmony back into your life -- and to keep your child from years of suffering.  
And I’m going to put my money where my mouth is...

If you don’t begin to experience success with these strategies within the first
, then I want you to email me – – and say, “I want a
refund.”  I will gladly - and immediately - refund 100% of your purchase. No
questions asked!

Parenting out-of-control, Asperger's children is tough! If you don't know how,
that is...

Here’s a recent email from a new member of Online Parent Support. She and
her husband sent this email to their son’s Psychiatrist and Treatment Team:

“…coming up with a proper diagnosis and treatment has taken us down many
roads, all leading to different therapies, parent-education classes, including
Jayne Major's course Breakthrough Parenting Services as well as James
Lehman's Total Transformation Program. Through countless hours of research
and phone calls, we have discovered the different levels of support are
dependent on insurance, out of pocket expenses, including potentially selling
our home and putting him in a residential treatment center with no guarantees of
a positive outcome. Needless to say, quality intervention has been hard to find.
Recently we found an on-line course by Mark Hutten called My Aspergers Child.
It seems the most helpful and pragmatic approach so far. We wanted to share
with you where we are in the course so we are all on the same page in helping
our son and family through this crisis.”

$19 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you could
lose over time with counseling, parent-education classes, psychiatric evaluations
and treatment, residential placement, medication, repairing property damaged
during tantrums, etc.

Yes, for the price of dinner at McDonald's, you will have all the crucial
information you need to jump full force into getting peace and harmony back in
your house again. If you need to justify the expense, skip taking the kids out to
eat once this week - and it's paid for.

If you’re going through the same
parent-child conflict that most of the other
parents who land on this site are going through, then the problems at home and
school are not getting better - they’re steadily getting worse. How much longer
are you willing to wait?  I'm guessing that you have already wasted too much
time and energy trying to get some real solutions. I trust that you’ll take a step of
faith here and get started with this on-line program immediately.  
You Can't Lose With My 100%, Ironclad, "Better-Than-Risk-Free" Money Back Guarantee

I say "better-than-risk-free" because this whole package is yours to keep even in the
unlikely event you decide to ask for a refund. If for any reason you aren't thrilled and
satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 365 days (that's right - one year!)
and I'll give you a 100% prompt and courteous refund... no questions asked!
Mark Hutten, M.A.
Parent Support Group
Online Parent Support, LLC

2328 N 200 E
Anderson, Indiana

Phone: 765.810.3319


A brief biography...

Frequently Asked Questions...
From the Office of
Mark Hutten, M.A.
Madison County Youth
Center. Author of
My Aspergers Child
Meltdowns are not a pretty sight. They are somewhat like overblown
temper tantrums, but unlike tantrums, meltdowns can last anywhere
from ten minutes to over an hour. When it starts, the Asperger's child
is totally out-of-control. When it ends, both you and the Asperger’s
child are totally exhausted. But...

Don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. At the least provocation, for the
remainder of that day -- and sometimes into the next -- the meltdown
can return in full force.

If your child suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome (also called High-
Functioning Autism), expect him to experience both minor and major
meltdowns over incidents that are part of daily life. He may have a
major meltdown over a very small incident, or may experience a minor
meltdown over something that is major. There is no way of telling how
he is going to react about certain situations. However, there are many
ways to help your child learn to control his emotions.

The problem is that most parents of
out-of-control Asperger's
children have tried very hard to
regain control -- but with little
or no success.  And it seems the harder the parent tries, the more
the child "acts-out."  

I often hear the following statement from parents:
"I've tried
everything with this child -- and nothing works!
"  But when they
attend my
parent-program, they soon discover they have not tried
everything, rather they have tried
some things.  Learn more about

Now there is an
online version of the parent-program for working
parents who are struggling with their Asperger's children, and you
will experience the same success as those who attend the program
in person.  

You will learn
cut-to-the-chase parenting strategies that work
immediately rather than months or years down the road.  And I
guarantee your success or you get your money back -- and you can
keep the package I am about to offer you.  This is how confident I am
that the
online version of the parent-program is going to work for

online version is called Online Parent Support (OPS).  

OPS is a program designed specifically for parents with Asperger's
children who experience frequent and unexpected meltdowns.  OPS
provides the practical and emotional support parents need to change
destructive childhood behavior.

The straightforward, step-by-step action plans presented in the
curriculum allow parents to take immediate steps toward preventing or
intervening in their children’s negative emotions and choices.  Parents
involved with OPS have the opportunity to experience success at home
within the first week.

The curriculum teaches concrete prevention, identification, and
intervention strategies for the most destructive of child behaviors.  
Parents cycle through programming quickly, thus reducing the length
of time that (a) effective solutions in parenting are implemented and
(b) resultant positive change in their child's behavior is experienced.

OPS includes My Aspergers Child eBook (a digital book).  In this book,
I share over 150 proven techniques to use with your Asperger's child.  
If parents don’t have these techniques, all they are left with are

parenting techniques.  And as they may have discovered,
conventional techniques don't work with unconventional children.  
Learn more about traditional parenting strategies.

Believe it or not, your child does
not need counseling... and you do
not need parenting classes. You also do not need - nor would you want
- a 250-page manual on
how to be a better parent.  Who has time for
that?  And you do
not need to go through another year of pain and
misery with an out-of-control Asperger's child and his meltdowns.

However, what you may need is someone who has worked with
Asperger's children and frustrated parents for nearly 20 years - and
does so for a living - to show you a set of very effective parenting
techniques that are guaranteed to work.  That would be me, Mark
Hutten, M.A.

OPS includes:

  • Live Audio Recordings of the entire parent-program I conduct
    at Madison County Youth Center
  • Power Point Presentations and Videos shown during the
    program (plus dozens of additional videos on everything from
    ADHD to Wilderness Programs)
  • OPS Website -- updated daily with many additional parenting
  • OPS Bonus eBooks Site -- I obtain re-distribution rights to other
    parenting eBooks and offer them FOR FREE to members of OPS;
    currently there are 44 additional eBooks for download ($318.
  • Parent Forum -- where members of OPS support and seek
    advice from one another; meet and talk (via forum or chat) to
    married and single parents who are experiencing the same
    parent-child difficulties as you  
  • OPS Weekly Newsletter -- provides many additional resources
    for parenting today's Asperger's children
  • Access to me via phone, email, or OPS Chat Room - always feel
    free to contact me as often as needed while you begin to
    implement your new parenting strategies
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Whether you have big problems or small problems, whether you are
a single parent, divorced or separated parent, adoptive parent, foster
parent, step parent, a traditional two-parent family, or a grandparent
raising a grandchild -- this material is
guaranteed to work for you
and your Asperger's child.

Initially, the parents who attend my
parent-program (the same
program you’ll get with Online Parent Support)  are at their "wit's
end" and describe home-life as “hell's kitchen.”  

A few short weeks after they complete the program (which is divided
into 4 sessions, 90 minutes each session), the majority of parents
report that problems in their homes have
reduced in frequency
and severity
and are finally manageable.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get started with
non-traditional parenting strategies.  Whenever you have a
couple spare moments sitting at your computer, you can see how to
bring about
positive change in your household...

…change that will
reduce parent-child conflict;

…change that will
reduce your stress-level significantly;

…change that will
increase the likelihood that your Asperger's child
will be a success - at home, at school, and in life.
How to Stop Meltdowns
Here is a summary of what you’ll receive when you join
Online Parent Support:

  • My Aspergers Child eBook which contains the text version of the
    parent-program (read online or print out a hard copy from your
  • Live audio recordings you can listen to online
  • Power Point Presentations and Videos you can view online
  • Full access to OPS Website
  • Full access to Bonus eBooks Site
  • Parent Forum where a community of parents support each other
  • OPS weekly Newsletter
  • On-going & easy access to your own personal parenting-coach
    via phone, email correspondence, or OPS Chat Room
  • No hassle money-back guarantee

Online Parent Support is all about:

  1. Serving people, specifically parents who are at a point of
    frustration with their Asperger's child's emotional/behavioral
    problems and resultant parent-child conflict
  2. Providing an invaluable product that everyone can afford
  3. Providing a parenting-package that continues to grow over time
    by incorporating additional products and services at no extra cost
    to existing members

Feel free to contact me.  You'll get no "sales pitch" -- just answers to
any questions you may have:

1. What is your toughest parenting challenge currently?
2. What other problems are you experiencing with your child right now?
3. Do you have any questions about
OPS or My Aspergers Child eBook?
What are meltdowns?
They are overwhelming emotions that
are quite common in Asperger’s children.

What causes them?
It can be anything from a very minor
incident to something more traumatic.

How long do they last?
It’s anyone’s guess. They last until the child
is either completely exhausted, or he gains control
of his emotions -- which is not easy for him to do.
Click on the PayPal button below to order
My Aspergers Child eBook
and Join Online Parent Support
for a one-time payment of only

This program is GUARANTEED to work,
so there's absolutely NO WAY that you can lose!
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Instant Download Access
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Order Online 24 hours-a-day,
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from any country on the planet.
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clicking BUY NOW.
STOP! Watch this
brief tutorial on
"Purchasing from
PayPal" before
clicking BUY NOW.
Audio CDs of the
parent-program are
available to OPS
members upon request.
Delivered in 3 - 7 days.
Mark Hutten, M.A. is a practicing counseling
psychologist and parent coach with more than
20 years’ experience. He has worked with
hundreds of children and teens with Asperger's
and High-Functioning Autism (HFA). Also, he
presents workshops and runs training courses
for parents and professionals who deal with
Asperger's and HFA, and is a prolific author of
articles and ebooks on the subject.
Can't see the video? CLICK HERE
Can't see the video? CLICK HERE
Emails from parents who
have joined
Online Parent
I am only on the second week of your
program, but I am already seeing an
amazing and positive difference in my
Aspergers son. We have struggled with
his behavior since he was 9 months old.
I was humbled and astounded to learn
that I was a big part of the problem in
the way that I was reacting to him. We
actually have some peace in our home
and he even hugs us and says “I love
you” on a regular basis. He has even
begun apologizing for getting angry and
being out of control. The next step is to
help him bring his grades up and stay
out of trouble at school. I have every
confidence that we have turned a corner
and I’m referring everyone I know to
your program. Thank you! -- T.E.

I am so thankful and blessed I found
your website.  I am incorporating your
suggestions into my life with my 7-year-
old son – and things are going so much
better.  We are both trying and, though
we still go to counseling, I feel like I have
tools to work with him now.  Thanks a
$$$million and God Bless You! -- J.B.

I had problems with my daughter last
year and found your online course. I
can't even begin to tell you how helpful
it was in turning my her around. It’s
been a great year this year and I want
to thank you for your huge part in that.
No more sleepless nights.  Your website
gets lots of referrals from me! I think
your method utilizing online courses
and support groups is brilliant. Warm
regards. -- M.H.

I have attentively studied all 4 session
of your e-book and have been using them
with success... I feel a dramatic positive
improvement on our relationship by
following all your instructions both from
your e-book, weekly newsletter, and
your email. I totally gave-up my
traditional parenting and followed your
strategies from the beginning. I am glad
to tell you that I feel my son respects me
more -- and this is very important to
start communication. YOUR EBOOK and
again, many thanks for your kind
attention to encourage me using your
strategies and always replying to my
enquiries. Have a great day. -- V.D.

I have been using your program for
about a month now, I am on chapter 3,
and I have to tell you----THANK
YOU!!!!!   I finally have had PEACE in
my life.  My child is doing his homework
and chores.  I have not argued during all
this time. Life is good again, and I feel
confident and supported. My husband
and I were making mistakes without
even knowing.  I'll keep you posted. So
far so good!!! -- F.J.

I have commented to a few friends who
have Aspergers children like mine and
hope that they will take the program.
We are single mothers with ex-husbands
who are extremely disruptive in our
lives. I know my child just needed a
firmer hand at my home, but at his dad's
it is way too aggressive and our son has
runaway in order not to spend time with
his dad. Now his dad is trying to put him
away in a boy’s home. So, with this
program, I have gotten my son to regain
his pride in himself and his grades have
come up immensely and his attitude has
turned around so that the teachers are
commenting, and now the lawyers are
wondering why my ex wants to send
him to a boy’s home. Things are not
100% -- but I'm going back through the
program again on what I'm not strong
enough on. But it has definitely made a
difference. Thank you! -- K.H.

I have purchased your e-book and cd’s...
just wanted to say how amazing your
work is proving to be.  I work in
psychiatry but have struggled to help
my son and to understand his melt
downs.  I have put into practice the first
week session and already it is working.  
Your insight into children with ASDs is
amazing... it was like you had written it
all for my son and I.  Thank you, a 1000
times, thank you.  I’ll keep you informed
of  J__’s progress! -- T.C.

I have seen such a change in myself
and my son, it's amazing. Not that the
problems are all gone, but simply by
saying I'm not arguing and honoring
that, even though I've said it before,
surprised him (and me) and put an end
to so many problems. It was like I was
the MOM again. I guess just having the
support of the program helped and
knowing there were others out there
with the same problems. -- L.J.

I have successfully (I think) completed
your program with my 10-year-old
daughter and things are WAY better.  It
has been a rough two years, and though
I’m no fool and know there's more to
come, your program has helped me stop
what felt like a runaway train. -- T.H.

I just have to let you know that I just
started reading your book... I am in tears
as I am reading.  It is like you have been
hanging out in our home, watching us.  
We are on our 4th therapist in a 3-year-
period and not one of them have seemed
to have a grasp on what we are dealing
with, but your first few chapters have
summed us up almost immediately.   
I had to stop and say thank you. -- M.J.

I just want to say that these 3 weeks
since I bought your program have been
the best I have had in a while. My Aspie
is doing great, no arguments, there is
respect, and he is doing chores---Thank
you! I feel so “in control” these days. I
hope to keep it up. There is hope, I have
followed the program, and I have noticed
that just a few adjustments go a long
way in the behaviour and anxiety-level
of children with Aspergers. They cannot
see you out of control. -- C.H.

I just want to thank you. My family is in
the middle of a great deal of turmoil. My
husband of almost 25 years asked me for
a divorce in November of 2008. Since
then, our daughter has ran away twice,
cut her arm, and spent a week in an
inpatient psychiatric facility, has totally
changed her dress and her set of friends
and has been diagnosed with depression
and was placed on medications. What I
found interesting is how much she
seemed to be feeding into the diagnosis of
"depression" and her "anger issues." I also
noticed that the medications actually
made her more miserable - and her
defiant behavior escalated. Your ebook
has helped so much and I am only in the
first week! I have fired the counselors,
weaned my Aspergers child off meds,
and I am ready to begin the work of
becoming a stronger, more focused
parent. My soon to be ex-husband has
also agreed to purchase the program and
we  intend on working it together to get
our daughter back on track. I thank you
for your help and guidance. Please pray
for my family as I will for yours.
Sincerely. -- L.D.

I just wanted to follow up to let you know
that your program is spot-on! I am just
starting Session 3 in your materials and
using the suggestions in my household.
Thank you so much for making this
program so affordable and supportive for
the parent!!! I think we will make it
through the next four years in a much
calmer household. -- D.B.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I was
trawling the Internet at 2:30 AM for
some help and found your sight and
thought I would have a look. I sat in
tears listening to you …it was like you
had stepped into my home and seen the
destruction, the tears became tears of
relief that I could possibly make a
change in my parenting that could help
change my child's tantrums and
meltdowns -- and so I signed up. It has
taken me 2 weeks to get thought the first
chapter and assignment 1 -- but I have
already seen tiny creaks for the better in
all our behaviour. Assignment 1 starts
today. Once again… thank you for
putting your expertise on the Internet as
we live in England. -- E.B.

I ordered your ebook and talked to you
on the phone about my son a while back,
and just wanted to say thank you and let
you know that your methods work for
us!  As you predicted, first the frequency
of conflicts decreased at first, and then
later the intensity decreased.  And better
yet, the conflicts we have now are about
less critical matters.  We communicate
much better, too. Again, thank you for
what you are doing, and for being there
to help so many parents like me who
have been overwhelmed with raising a
special needs child. -- S.E.

I should mention our successes. Last
week, our son with High-Functioning
Autism received a merit award at
school assembly for his ‘amazing
improvements’ in class. He was also sent
to the headmaster to show him a piece of
creative writing he’d done, which was
beautiful, detailed and above all way
beyond what he was asked to do (he had
been doing absolute minimum, and
nowhere near what he is capable of).  
The headmaster wrote him a note of
congratulations, which he proudly
brought home. Mark, I just want you to
know this is completely unprecedented.
I believe it is entirely due to the changes
we’ve made at home by following the
program. As you mentioned, it is going
to take some time to turn around
behaviour that has become habit many
years, and I’m sure there are continuing
challenges ahead, but we really want to
thank you this program, and the insight
and support it provides. -- L.F.

I started using the language and skills
suggested, and WOW what a difference
it's making already! My child is being
positive, kind and respectful to me. It's
hard to change, but I'm convinced this is
going to work for my family. I've learned
that my actions have a direct effect on
my child. Thank you so much for
retraining me!!! -- T.K.

I wanted to say thank you for all your
support, sound advice, and speedy
responses last year. You were the only
person I could speak with, and you
helped me enormously. -- V.W.

I will tell you that I've done the first two
steps and I'm still reading, but I wanted
to have a copy handy electronically to
build a cheat sheet and mold my
mantras.  Thanks so much for writing
this, I was a little hesitant at first when
I was browsing your site...but in the end,
I was more can't hurt and if it
teaches me one thing...then for that I
will be a better parent. Your statement
you make in the first step "I have an
obligation to you, my child, as a parent
to..."  That statement alone made me a
better parent.  I've said it to my son and
I've said to others in my life who would
like to be a bigger priority in my life.  
This statement has made things even
clearer to a single parent and for
that I'll always be grateful. Thanks
again. -- A.Y.

If there is anything we can do to "give
back" please let us know. We do plan to
"pay it forward" and steer parents to
your program if they ask us how we
managed to cope with our out-of-control
child. -- G. & J.

In reading your book, I realized that
there are others out there that have
exactly the same problems as I do, and
who are making exactly the same
mistakes as I was -- and that there are
people like yourself that  advocate what
I believed in. This has helped me gain
the strength I needed to tackle the
onslaught.  And let me tell you that
this is exactly what it has been the last
3 weeks. I put the expectations and
responsibilities with the earning or loss
of privileges on paper, and when I
handed it to my son and wanted to
discuss it with him – well, almighty
hell broke loose!  And this continued for
a whole week – constant swearing and
telling me he will not adhere to it and I
will not control him. Although battered
and bruised by the emotional
experience, I am proud of myself -- I did
it!   I put my poker face on and stuck to
my guns.  A week later, although he is
still not earning any pocket money (as
he refuses to do what I have put on the
list), he did come to me and ask what he
needed to do to get his computer back.
We are now at the un-grounding point
(and the 'get the computer back' point)
as he has managed to go a whole week
without losing his temper and swearing.  
He still does have the attitude that he
will not do what is on the list, but I am
watching him carefully -- and have been
able to keep the discipline in place for the
relevant things I put on the list. -- G.D.

It has taken longer than necessary for
me to complete this program, but I have
finally done it! During these past few
weeks, my husband and I have been
implementing many steps, successfully.  
Our son, Daniel, has been completing his
weekly chores without any complaint.  
The times that he forgets (or for some
reason doesn't complete the chores) we
deduct from his allowance.  There
haven't been any big blow-ups around
here, and the few irritable times we've
had have been much less stressful.  Once
school begins in a couple of weeks, we
might have some tense times, but I do
feel prepared for them now.  Also, I re-
took the quiz; the first time I scored in
the 80s, today I scored a 56.  I really do
thank you very, very much.  This is a
great program and I will be re-reading
it many times. I hope it's ok to email you
from time to time to say hi and fill you
in on our progress. Enjoy your summer.
-- S.B.

I've already recommended this program
to several families. I wish I had access to
something like this when my Aspergers
child was much younger. It would have
saved us a lot of heartache now. You
really need to franchise this program to
other areas. I would love to attend a
seminar, but live too far from you. It
would be great to have one in my area.
-- K.P.

Just a quick note to say thank you for
your program.  You have done a really
great job on this and it was very
affordable. -- A.F.

I just have this calming feeling that
we are going to be ok, and I started the
techniques from Assignment 1 and
already can see a look of astonishment
on my daughter’s face. So on that note -
Thank you and I am looking forward to
what else the program has to offer.
Everything you state just in the first 30
odd pages hit the nail on the head! -- J.S.

It works, it really works! You are a God
send! -- B.I.

Nothing has helped as much as this
common sense advice.  We've been to
counseling, read books, you name it.  We
can't even put into words what we owe
you.  Thank you so much for your help.
-- L.A.

Tara and I joined your website for our
6-year-old quite a few months back.  
Let me say this after having  gone
through many different programs for
difficult children with Autism, your
program is very solid.  We have told our
current counselors and connections
about it so that other parents may use
your very good resources, too.  Our son
is to the point now where he no longer
has meltdowns. -- T.M.

My husband and I were at the end of
our ropes.  I prayed for wisdom and God
certainly answered my prayer.  I have
already tried some things on the first
week (actually the day I ordered this),
and to my amazement - they worked!!  
I had already been thinking the turmoil
was like a drug for my daughter – and I
was right.  Thank you so much and God
Bless you! -- N.H.

Thank You Mark! Our prayers were
answered with your program.  We are
gradually reclaiming control of our
family. THANK YOU for bringing love,
peace and harmony to our family once
and for all this time.  Yes there are still
those idle complaints here and there --
and the occasional gnashing of teeth.  
But this time it is our son and not us the
parents whom we find gnashing of teeth
and complaining.  That is a sign of order
just as God our Father has intended it to
be.  THANK YOU! -- M.S.

Thank you so much for being available --
I still can't get over your generosity! It
seems amazing to me that I have no one
to talk to about these things, and I need
to rely on a stranger half way around
the world -- but God bless you for your
work -- things have really improved
since I started this process -- it was so out
of  control, and overwhelming. -- L.W.

Thanks again Mark. I have been very
impressed with your advice and felt I
should "pay it forward" as we feel we are
getting such extreme value for our
money. As such, I sent your web mail
address to the doctor who was "trying"
to help us. Our autistic son was so
extremely disrespectful during our visit
with the doctor that he was exasperated
at the end and told us there was nothing
more he could do and so we should
consider kicking him out at 18 and prior
to that, send him to a home for "raging"
children if his behaviour continued. I
also note that our doctor has a
Psychology degree. I know he has many
cases such as ours, so I sent him your
website to pass on to other parents who
would benefit from this resource. Kindest
regards. -- S.H.

Thanks Mark.  After reading some of
your ebook, it makes me realize areas
we have to work on. Not ONE counselor
we've ever seen has ever made more
sense -- we've wasted hours in
counseling. We are going to take some
positive steps forward now. -- E. & P.

There are only a few of you around,
Mark.  Keep doing what you love - it
shows. -- B.K.

This program makes a lot of sense to me.
I appreciate the straight talk and not a
bunch of lists and personal research. I
need help now, and that is what I feel
this offers. Thanks again. -- C.R

Today, I spoke to my son's former
counselor (whom I was asking for a
referral for another counseling, which I
did before I found your ebook). I told her,
“I think I don't need it for now,” because I
found your site. I gave her your site and
told her to spread the word about your
ebook, since her job deals with parents
and kids of similar problems. In a week's
time, I've seen a great change. Thanks
again for all the help! -- A.D.

When I started the program, I felt so
lost and helpless.  Mark said things that
made me swear he knew my child
personally.  Everything I read seemed to
be about my child.  This was how I knew
this program was different, and that it
could work. -- I.O.

You completely rock!! I am only on Week
#1, and I am already seeing a change. I
am so impressed with your web site. I
keep finding more and more good,
helpful stuff! Thank you and your staff
so much! May God bless you as you help
us, one child at a time. -- C.C.

You have given us so much relief by
responding to our questions.  Thank you
very, very much.  Your book is great,
and we can't tell you how much we
appreciate your dedication to teaching
parents how to deal with Aspergers kids
and their meltdowns. -- B. & M.
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